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Juice Plus+


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All Services & Fees

Care coordination is a significant part of the treatment process.  Please fill out the release of information form if you’re being supported by a team of practitioners. Insurance will often reimburse your expenditures for my services.  Please let me know when/if you need a “super-bill” which is a receipt detailing dates of service, payments, diagnostic and procedure codes for insurance submission.
New patients: All paperwork is to be emailed or printed prior to initial appointment. Click here for patient forms.

Nutrition Consult:

  • In Office, Phone, or Visual Web
  • Initial $240/60 min
  • Follow-Up $190/40 min
  • Unscheduled Treatment-Related Contact (cumulative rates as above).

Personal Training Sessions:

  • Initial Individual $240/60 min
  • Follow Up Individual Training $190/40 min
  • Personal Training in Small Groups (contact me for shared rates)

Workshops/Support Groups:

  • Eating Disorder Support Group $40/person and meets twice monthly
  • Loved One Forum $40/family
  • Body Image Workshop $350/6 week program
  • Adolescent Health & Wellness $350/6 week program
  • Pre/Post Natal Nutrition & Exercise Program $350/6 week program

Personalized Meal/Exercise Plans:

  • Menu Plan $90 (one-time-fee)
  • Exercise Plan $90 (one-time-fee)


  • Corporate consults
  • One-time class
  • Ongoing workshops & seminars
  • $500 minimum, fee subject to change based upon time and distance. Please contact me for further details.

Privacy Policy: All calls, e-mails, faxes, and other correspondence is confidential. Please fill out a release form in order to allow for professional treatment team, family, or any other contact arrangements.